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If you are looking to sell your home or investment property, we can assist with this process.

We recommend selling agents in your area that we believe will be the right fit for you and your property, and guide you through the sales process and communicate with your selling agent.

We then work with the selling agent to coordinate the timing of your property sale and purchase.

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Buyers Advisor

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Love, Loathe or Avoid? Tips for Online Auctions

Love, Loathe or Avoid? Tips for Online Auctions

With the current Sydney lockdown banning in-person auctions altogether and COVID-related restrictions in place for the foreseeable future, online auctions have become a regular fixture for selling property in Sydney. Online auctions can be a different experience to an in-person format, and buyers who are well prepared are more likely to have a positive outcome. Here Brady Marcs founder Brady Yoshia shares her top tips for being prepared.

Brady Yoshia on Ticker News

Brady Yoshia on Ticker News

Brady Marcs founder, Brady Yoshia, was interviewed on Ticker News by host, Adrian Franklin. Brady discussed the challenges and opportunities that exist in navigating the current environment of the property market, as well as specific advice for expats looking to return home.