The tremendous value of Vendor Advocacy

Selling your home is a complex and emotional process. There are many decisions to be made both big and small, and everyone wants to do it ‘the right way’ to maximise their return and make the process as smooth as possible. Vendor Advocacy is a service that makes the process of selling your home easier and removes the angst that is often involved. We spoke with Brady Marcs founder, Brady Yoshia, to discuss the significant advantages for home owners that Vendor Advocacy provides, and why Brady Marcs offers Vendor Advocacy as a complimentary service.

“Our clients are at the heart of everything we do, and very often the journey of buying a home begins with selling one first. We want to provide our clients with confidence to take that next step knowing that they are making informed choices with peace of mind right from the beginning.”

Key advantages to Vendor Advocacy:

An independent voice

As Licensed Real Estate Agents themselves, our Buyers Agent team are eminently qualified to act as independent experts throughout the process. They can discuss and explain what to expect with your selling agent, and help provide a frame-of-reference for making decisions.

Recommend selling agent for you home

Every home is different, and therefore different selling agents will be better suited to your context and situation. Our team can help assess your unique context and informed recommendations. Typically we will recommend multiple agents, allowing you to choose the one that you feel most comfortable with. We are also able to help compare recent sales in your area and draw comparisons.

Adding value for higher returns

Having seen literally 1000s of property across our careers, the Brady Marcs team are able to give an expert opinion of adding value specifically to sell a property, and where the investment of money is most likely to gain the best return. Something as simple as a coat of paint can make a world of difference.

Styling and recommendations

Beyond more significant upgrades before selling, we can also advice on simple styling options to present your home in the best light, and help draw attention to the best features.


One of the hardest factors to consider is knowing what your home is worth, and how far to push negotiations. We can be the expert ear to talk things over with, and somewhere you can call to evaluate an offer.

Network of professionals

One of the key benefits of being a Buyers Agent is that we have developed an extensive network of professionals across all manner of things to do with property. Based on your context and needs and in addition to recommending selling agents, we can recommend financial planners and wealth advisors, lawyers and conveyancers, builders and trades – even decluttering services, removalists and stylists.

Vendor Advocacy at Brady Marcs is about assisting our clients to realise their property dreams. No matter where you are in your property journey, talk to our team today about the best steps to move forward.

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