Lucy Bulla

Buyers Advisor (L.R.E.A)

Lucy Bulla has been matching people to properties for over 20 years in both her roles in Relocations and as a Buyers Agent.

Lucy is passionate about finding and securing quality properties for each of her clients, guiding and working with them as a partner to achieve the best possible outcome. She recognises the importance of the client’s purchasing decision and its impact on their future wealth and happiness.

In every instance, Lucy is able to apply her knowledge and draw on established relationships to devise the best strategy, knowing that every situation is different and requires an individual approach.

Lucy also brings a wealth of experience for Expatriates and Overseas Buyers, having been expatriated to Jakarta, Amsterdam and Seoul herself. This has given her an incredible ability to identify the right location and community to match the unique needs of every client and an innate understanding of the difficulties faced by expats. Listen to her recent podcast where Lucy shares her insights and perspectives. 

Professionalism, integrity, honesty and empathy are ingrained in everything she does.