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Episode 3 with Christopher Melotti

Episode 3 with Christopher Melotti

This week on the Brady Marcs Podcast our guest is Christopher Melotti, founder of award-winning marketing and copywriting business, Melotti Media. Brady and Chris discuss his journey growing his business, and delve into his own property journey and experience buying with a buyer’s agent.

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Episode Transcript


Voiceover: Welcome to the Brady Marcs Podcast with your host Brady Yoshia from Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory. Enjoy discussions with a variety of guests and pioneers from diverse backgrounds, each sharing their unique perspectives on property, business, industry and more.

Brady Yoshia: This week, I’m talking with a fellow business founder and marketing guru, Chris Melotti. Chris is a message marketing strategist and founder of Melotti Media, and award winning marketing and copywriting business. Chris has previously worked as a marketing manager in the real estate arena. Welcome, Chris.

Christopher Melotti: Thank you, Brady.

BY: It’s an absolute pleasure to have you here today.

CM: I’m really excited. The sparkling water and everything?

BY: Yes. Do you want to tell us a little bit more about your business and what you do? It’s full on.

CM: So to speak. Absolutely. So as I said, my name is Christopher Melotti. I am the founder and head copywriting specialist and message marketer of Melotti Media. We just launched my second brand, Very creative. But it’s more of a consulting side. So as the agency side Melotti Media is really pioneering the whole message strategy solution, which is really about helping brands articulate their value to customers, which is something that people take for granted and struggled with. And I’ve seen this all the time from, we’ve got, you know, business startups, and we’ve got tech developers, you know, who are very great with their product, but don’t know how to create demand for it. All the way to service providers and product specialists. So we’ve got, you know, so many clients, we’ve worked with, governments. And it’s basically trying to help pick their brain, you know, like, I hear all the time, these businesses, they go, I’ve got it all in my head, or you’ve got Nancy, who has one section, John, who has another, you know, you got all these people that have all their parts, it’s in their head, and they need someone to come in, consult, and get it out and then put into a document they can all use that that’s kind of where it would play.

BY: It’s so important to have the right brand strategy. Definitely. I’m beginning and then the journey evolves, yes. How did you start Melotti Media?

CM: Oh, gosh, let’s delve. So I worked in agency, so marketing agencies, for a long time. And that sort of developed my creative flair and approach in that sort of sense. And I was doing that for a couple of years. And I found what, I was studying my Masters in Commercial Law at that time. And it was a combination of both, I was really intrigued by the whole advertising side. But then there was the, when I was doing my Masters in Commercial Law, we had to write 30,000 word assignments, and they will give you they would give it to you in the first week. And then you would have to deliver in week 13. And you had to develop your style. And it was doing that for two years where I just found his love for writing, and articulation and getting a message across. And so I started my business, it was a side hustle. I didn’t think much of it, it was just there. And suddenly, I started to pick up clients. And then I did a bit of work for them. And then they told everyone, and then suddenly, I had a full time job and then a full time job at night doing Melotti Media. And so in 2017, my boss who was an entrepreneur at the time, he encouraged me, he’s like, you gotta go for this, like your businesses already profitable, like no one really says that. Usually you have to give up everything and start from scratch. He’s like, you’ve already got this business, it’s working. And so I started it and then the rest is history. It’s and it’s evolved, like from where I was talking to my team just this morning, and where it was to where it is today is so different. And I’m really thankful for that.

BY: I love it. A side hustle to become is a multi-award winning business. Yeah, I mean, a huge credit to you.

CM: Thank you

BY: At Brady Marcs we’re very fortunate to work with you. So we know firsthand how creative and innovative you are.

CM: Yes.

BY: What have been your most significant career milestones changes or experiences that have brought you to where you are today.

CM: Oh, look, there’s been there’s been many. I would say, I mean, it was going full time. Like I know you probably think well that’s what you do in business, but making that leap is really scary. Like it’s when I had the business despite it being profitable, I remember going to iron my shirts for on a Sunday for the following Monday and realizing I didn’t have to go to work like as in to that previous work. That was really scary. So, and facing that fear, like head on, was fascinating because it was like suddenly if I don’t get work there’s no money coming in. And it was and then that drives a real entrepreneurial spirit, like you you get this like sense of I have to make this work and that is – you just can’t bottle that, that was a fantastic experience. So that was that. Hiring my first employee was incredibly, incredibly rewarding, because it was like I remember, it was like, what am I going to do with this person? Like, I remember thinking, how am I going to use them? Like, they’re not going to have a full time job? And then suddenly they’re get in, and you know, I’m sure you’ve been there Brady, is they just get packed fully, you know, because you’re like, oh, I can give them that too. And suddenly, they’re like Chris, stop! And so that that was another one. Hiring my sister as managing director was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made. And the reason why is because she was in events. And she lost her job during COVID. And it was like, she came on board to just basically give me a little bit of a hand. And from there, she just, she was like, the yin to my yang, because I was out like doing all the boisterous like meetings, and all of that. And all the admin coordination of that was put that all together. And it was just, it just made the business work flawlessly. And today, like we’ve had so many meetings this week, and it’s just this like banter between us is we challenge each other, we’ve got a great rapport. And it’s just the best thing. I mean, I could go on, like, I mean, I was honored to work with Australian Bureau of Statistics when they asked me to come down there and present to their marketing team. And today, now they use a lot of the techniques that I that I taught them then. It was winning, last year, we won the the Business Champion Award.

BY:  Congratulations.

CM: Thank you, for Australia for copywriting, which was a huge honor. So there’s there’s been many. Yeah, was that a few.

BY: Well having a team is so important. And I have to say from a personal experience, hiring your first employee is a game changer.

CM: And I know it’s not always positive for everybody, but like it is it’s a game changer, because it it shifts the way that you think, isn’t it?

BY: Absolutely.

CM: Yeah.

BY: So as I mentioned earlier, you did work in the real estate space, proudly tell us a little bit about what you did and your thoughts on the real estate market? Well, not essentially where the market is at the moment, but working in the real estate market.

CM: Yes, absolutely. So, just before I started, like, I moved to my full time business, I was working for a Sydney real estate agency, and they had five offices. And they actually headhunted me and I remember thinking, I love property. And I’ve got several investment properties. But I remember thinking like what, why me like, why did they want me because I come from pharma. So my background was pharma marketing. And and then they headhunted me. And then we had the interview. And they were really keen and I came on board. And it was fascinating to see how it’s come a long way real estate in marketing. But back then this, I think I’ve got the job was around 2015/16. Back then it was very primitive compared to what it is now. And I’m just saying them as like the, I remember introducing iPads to the team. And I introduced automation, and all these things. And it was so interesting, because the agents, even in their 20s, were just like pad and pen. And and I remember they were selling six to $7 million houses. And they had this pad and pen and they were scratching away. And there’s nothing wrong with pad and pen. But I was, I remember that we’re going God that Chris is like he’s always harping on about the iPad again. And he’s having heard about this technology until it was like six months in. And I remember, one of the agents went, I went to an open last week, and I signed someone in. And then I went to the next one, and they were already signed in. And then it was sending them all the SMSs about all the follow ups. And I went home and I could spend time with my family, rather than do all the admin after and I was like, there we go. And then the best part was, then they all adopted it. So it’s thinking back only a couple of years ago, of how like people didn’t see automation and things and all of that as as very relevant. And today now it’s digital everywhere. And so it was really rewarding in that role. Because I was able to really like the my biggest achievement in that one was showing how powerful marketing can be. So you had the foresight. Yeah, I did. And it’s funny. Sorry, I’m not just going to everyone listening to I think God, he talks about a lot of awards, but I actually won an award from the Australian Marketing Institute for my role there and it’s not, it’s not, I’m not bringing that to gloat, the reason why I won that award.

BY: I’m just gonna say you need to be proud.

CM: No, it’s just the reason why I’m bringing it up is because I beat out Telstra and all these like Qantas and all this and the reason why is they said that I was a really strong advocate for marketing in what was then an industry that wasn’t very big on marketing, like if anyone from the real estate world is listening now thinking back five to 10 years. The marketing person was an admin, like it was it was literally like the agent would come back and go, here’s my photo. Put it in the pamphlet, put it up on the website and be done. Whereas I came in and I was like, I’m the Marketing Officer, like I, my job is to build the brand, build the technology, build the automation, and it was so unheard of. And I’m so thankful to my boss at the time, Steve Devine, who actually went with it. Like, he was afraid. He was like, I don’t know what we’re doing here. But he, he trusted me. And to this day, we’re still good friends because of that.

BY: That’s fabulous. So I was gonna bring this in later. I’m gonna bring it in now.

CM: Yep, yep.

BY: AI, and it’s gonna play a very big role moving forward in the real estate world.

CM: Huge, huge.

BY: What do you think is going to be an important aspect for all people in real estate? Doesn’t matter if your property manager buyer’s agent or selling agent?

CM: Yep. What a question! Boom, okay. So AI, okay, the first thing I’m gonna say is, you can’t fight it, it’s here, it’s gonna stay, and it’s only going to grow. So I would say, and bringing back to my days in the real estate agency world, doing marketing is, I remember when they, that Real Estate and Domain first entered, and I remember that some agents went, I’m not, I’m not doing that. I refuse. And some of the agents embrace it. And I remember saying to them, embrace it, and adapt to it. Because if you don’t, you’re gonna be left behind. And that’s exactly what happened is the agents that were like, we don’t do Real Estate and Domain, they were the ones that struggled, and the ones that embraced it and made a part of their campaigns, absolutely shone, because they were there online, and they were there and paper, and they were there everywhere. So my advice to everyone now is, is the same thing is this is that next step, and you, I’m not saying that you have to just blindly follow it, but you’ve got it, you’ve got to embrace it. And it’s not just one thing, there’s so many different aspects of AI. And it’s, it’s changing everything. And I would say research, research is the is the number one, because I think that the world, it’s very overwhelming. And there’s a lot of things that can happen. So I would say with AI, embrace it, but do your research. And that’s what we’re doing, every industry is doing at the moment.

BY: Brilliant advice. And it’s fascinating.

CM: Oh, it’s huge. Like it’s and it’s just, it’s evolving so rapidly, but I feel at sorry, we can just go on forever. Stop me if you need to, but like, it’s like, it’s fun. I mean, when it first came out in November 2022, there was this huge like incline in interest. And it was just everywhere talk, talk, talk, talk talk now. And then it’s having it’s having they call it something, it’s a bit of a slump. At the moment. There’s like a technological adoption rate, and it goes up, and it’s all there. And then it goes through a slump. And then it becomes normalized. And I feel like we’re going through the slump at the moment, just because people are getting it. And they’re going, what do I do with it? And I think that we’re going through that. And then it’s going to go through this phase where people just integrate it. And that will be in the next year or two. And that’s where I see it coming.

BY: It’s about people not being scared of it.

CM: No.

BY: That’s what it is.

CM: No.

BY: It’s adapting to us adapting new technology.

CM: It’s, there’s a lot of good things, but you It’s you can’t just go AI and us, you’ve got to go, how are we going to use AI? I think that’s the difference.

BY: Yeah.

CM: It’s huge, right?

BY: Yeah, it is huge.

CM: I could do another podcast on this. But we’ll save it for now.

BY: So prior to meeting us at Brady Marcs

CM: Yes.

BY: You use the buyer Agents.

CM: I did.

BY: And you bought a property. So I’ll let you off this time.

CM: Yes, please. I have another one on the plate and it’s yours.

BY: Great, can’t wait. Could you tell us what your experience was with working with a buyer’s agent and what you think about potential clients looking, well, potential buyers I should say, looking to use a buyer’s agent.

CM: Oh, look, get ready for the gush. But I will, I will. I will temper it with my journey. So I loved working with a buyer’s agent. And the reason why is because it was just such a relief. So when we first started looking so my partner myself, we were looking for a house around the 2019, late 2019 mark. And we were looking and looking and we like everyone would probably think before they get an agent is, they go, oh, I’m fine. I know what I’m doing. You know, I can look on Domain and Real Estate, I can find these properties, I can rock up. Then what happens is, like we’ve discussed already is buyers fatigue, right? And it’s and it’s so many aspects of it. So you’ve got when you’re going every single Saturday that weighs on you when you’re getting trumped by other bidders. You know, you go in and you go I’m gonna bid up to 1.8 and then someone comes in and goes 1.9 And you go, oh, I could go to 1.91 and then and then you lose control. That causes buyer fatigue when you constantly cannot find the right home or you find yourself negotiating all of these, this was happening. We were we were facing this, we were every Saturday we were just exhausted. We were just like ah, I can’t see one more bedroom, I can’t see an end. And the other thing was, I can’t see any more compromises like you’re looking you go, that one has no backyard, but the location is great. I think I can work with this. And then you realize you’re bidding for something that you don’t truly want. That’s when we met this buyer’s agent and we discussed with him what we were doing. And then we heard the price, right. And as I know, we’ve discussed this is as most people do, they go, oh, my gosh, I’m spending one to two to three to four, whatever it is, you’re spending on a home and you go, that fee on top, see, when it’s reverse and you’re selling, it doesn’t matter, because you go, I’m selling and making money, the agent fee will wash into that. Whereas when you’re buying, it’s like you’re getting hit twice. But we really it was very soon realized it was completely worth every single dollar because they were out there, checking all the things checking us. They were taking all the fatigue away. And and they secure this house, we were at a wedding, we weren’t even at the auction and they secured it, and I remember we were waiting, like getting changed, ready for this, this wedding. And we were like, what’s happened, what’s happened, what’s happened, and then he and then he called and said, congratulations, you’ve won. And it was just such a relief. And then he sat there and did all the paperwork, we were away, we transferred the money. He sorted it all out. And it was just the fact that, sorry, I could go on to and stop. Like, that’s fine, keep going. It was everything. It was literally everything it was going to an auction and having a bodyguard, right. Like, as soon as those  agents, they all know your buyer’s agent, right. So you soon as you walk in with the buyer’s agent, they go Chris is serious, right? There’s no games they know you’ve got a bodyguard, who knows exactly all the games, everything like that. So they are there advocating for you alone. So you got this backup. They, I remember, he walked around and go like while you’re looking going off, this could be a lovely home, smell that candle, Ryan. He’s like, beyond that candle. He’s looking going, there’s water damage here. And he walked over and step on and go, that’s loose. And he’d go, that seems like it’s got termites, right. And so then we then we pay for a pest inspection. And he would go there and go, I think there’s pests that he would they spot everything right and not telling you anything, you know it, but it was it was just everything and even future he would say, careful, this might block your view in the future, or that might impede on sale in the future. And it was just all like you go in, and you think you know what you’re doing? And you just don’t you know, about 5 of the 50 things that they’re checking.

BY: Yes, so buyer’s agents go in with eagle eye, and they give you peace of mind.

CM: It is and it is really frustrating because you’re going this is the perfect home. And they’ll go sewage smell like, like they sit back. But you’re, you’re thankful you’re 100% thankful because they pick up, you know, they know they see all these things.

BY: We’re trained. As a buyers agent myself, I know, I’ve seen hundreds of thousands of properties, but we know exactly what to spot straightaway.

CM: And what do you usually spot.

BY: We would spot exactly what you talked about. Now I go and we look beyond the emotion, of course, you’ve got to go in and have a look. And notice that it looks beautiful and things like that. But we look beyond that.

CM: And that’s what it is. I mean, I remember my partner, he got so consumed with the emotion that I remember, we found his home and I didn’t like it. It was just wrong for so many reasons. But he was so fatigued that he was he was like, just keep bidding, just keep bidding. And the buyer’s agent said stop, you need to stop because we went up a little bit. And then he went, Chris, like at this point, you’re over-paying for something that does not fit the brief. And thank God he pulled us out of that, because we probably would have bought it. And it was wrong. It was completely wrong. Like there was no fences for the dogs. There was no brief, it was off brief. And then when we found this current home, we list we just like every day this we’ve been in there for now for over two years. And I think every day I’m like, thank God we got this home – its perfect in every way.

BY: Yeah. So using a buyer’s agent, prevention is better than cure.

CM: When you’re spending what, we spent 2 million that’s not small money like oh, yeah, like if you buy the wrong Mars bar flavor. You know, you’re like, go, well, I can live with that, right? But if you, if you buy a home, you usually have that for 10 to 20 years. And you don’t want that to be a regret for 20 years. Because the problem is your pride will get in the way, which I probably would and you’d go no, this is fine. But it’s a big investment. And let’s say that you do regret it. Like you you’ve got to fix that or sell it and imagine trying to do that whole process again. And I can give you an example if you if you want me to keep running one more example. Yeah, right, across the road from us, we bought our home and across the road was another couple that bought about a week later, and they actually missed their home because we had a buyers agent right, they missed out and they bought across the road. And they are now going through extensive renovations because they didn’t get a buyer’s agent to check and do all the vigilance things. So they they realized all their beams were all termite. They didn’t know. And so they had to fix all these things. So, so they’ve had to pay all this extra money and all this thing. So it can be very expensive. It’s not worth it, get the buyer’s agent.

BY: That’s right. So Chris, you have got the most amazing energy. Where does it come from?

CM: I really don’t know. I really don’t know. If I sleep more, I get more lethargic. So it’s better for me to sleep? I don’t know. I can’t work it out. Doctors come like I have no idea. I just I think it’s it’s extraversion is pulling it from everywhere. And it just manifests and coalesces in my body, I guess I don’t know, it just comes naturally. So I just let it go.

BY: Are there any mentors in your life that have really stood out? And why? What is it?

CM: Good question. I like that question. Yes, I a lot of my old bosses from my corporate worlds have definitely stood out. And there have been a mixture of men and women. And one of my bosses from one of my previous jobs said something which was really good is she said, take all the best qualities of all your bosses that you that you that you like, and amalgamate them into what you are. And I’m so glad for that feedback, because that’s exactly what I’ve done, is, I look at the way my management style is now and I look at it and I went, that boss saw the importance of having weekly meetings to discuss with everything. So I’m going to apply that this boss had an open door policy within limits, right where you had to figure it out yourself. But the door was always open. So I took that. Investing in my team was another manager. So all of those have come together. And, it’s been a great thing for me, because like we just did vision boards with my team last week, where we united the vision of their individual.

BY: I love a good vision board.

CM: I never really thought much of it. And she was like, there was that she taught to Canva. And she was like, let’s, let’s do it with your team. So I got them in and I had all these team members in there. And we all did our own vision boards. And it was fascinating what came out of that. And it was so, the team felt so refreshed and invigorated. Because we were able to do that. So I’m big on developing. So back to the question was, a few of the mentors have been my previous bosses that have just been really good to me, and encouraged me to do my business and encouraged me to grow. So there’s not one one person, it’s sort of a group of people. And I still talk to pretty much all of them today.

BY: Fabulous. So I’m sure there’s something you are happy to share with the listeners today that only people close to you know about you. Is there something you want to share with us?

CM: Look, I wear my heart on my sleeve. So you pretty much do know everything. Look, as I said, I’m going to audition for a musical tonight, which like most people won’t be really surprised. So, so no, like, I share all aspects of my life within reason. Because I’m proud of them. Right? I’m proud to be married to my husband, Scott, who’s my rock, when in my world of crazy, like you’ve got the rock there. I’ve proud to be a foster parent. So there’s so much you can say here, but I’m a proud foster parent and you know, we’ve opened up our home, which was part of the brief to the buyer’s agent was to have a big home for kids. Yeah. So we’ve done that. Very close to my family. I love my family very, very much. And we’re very close, especially my sister who works for me. So I’m pretty much an open book, in terms of anything you want.

BY: Those are all amazing things. Yeah. And I really feel that being a foster parent is something special, and not everyone can do it. So, yeah.

CM: It’s definitely a roller coaster. And being a workaholic, like, a self-confessed workaholic, it gives perspective. I think that’s what it is. So you know, in the morning, it’s like, I don’t just get up and go straight to work, I get up and we you know, make sure the kids have gone to the bathroom. And like I’m sure the parents are relating, you know, doing the breakfast, packing their lunches, getting them prepared and dressed, sunscreen teeth, it’s all that sort of stuff. Then it’s they go off walking the dogs, and like which we foster as well. So we’ve got foster dogs as well, and we walked the dog then it’s like I start my day and then walking the dogs and then picking the kids up at night. You know, taking them to swimming, you know, sports and all that it’s given, you know, and it’s fun because it’s reintroduced a sense of play, I think is one of my coaches. She said you’ve got to make sure that you have a sense of play in your life as an adult because if you don’t you become that bitter, you know, like, like always focused on, so having the kids that allows me to let that out a little bit. And have fun. You know, I’m stern I’m actually, believe it or not, I’m the stern parent.

BY: I wouldn’t have picked that.

CM: I know, I am the stern parent, but I balanced that with, you know, after they’ve eaten and they’ve all cleaned up and you know, wash your hands, you know, I’ll get down on the ground and you know, they’ll jump on my back and you know, and and we’re happy to finally pick them up and they love it right. And they just because they’re young. And now they ask, they go, Chris, can we play with you after, like instead of watching TV and things, so it’s, it’s been a nice perspective.

BY: Yeah, that’s great. So I know that you have got a beautiful voice and you sing. Are you open to singing something?

CM: What would you like? I can’t do the audition thing tonight because I still need to learn it properly. Okay. I did a song last year called she cries. Okay.

BY: This is very exciting.

CM: Okay, ready? Yeah.

CM: There’s a couple of things that I’ve learned on many roads, I’ve taken flames and I will get you burned. It’s cold in the ice. Here’s a piece of advice that I got from a little bird. The flames can get you stirred. But it’s the cold that leaves you shaken.

BY: I love it, thank you so much.

CM: That was fun. No, it’s that, I remember I got COVID before I had to, we were getting on stage. And I was just about to lose just about to get on stage and we all got COVID. The whole karma wiped out. And then we had to do it the week after. And so I remember we were singing properly. Yeah. And then you get off and everyone was like, eucalyptus, to get everyone back. But on stage, the adrenaline picks up, so.

BY: That was awesome, thank you. So if any of our listeners want to get in touch with you, what’s the best way for them to get in touch?

CM: Yeah, best way is, as I mentioned, I’ve got the website, or the fancy .au as well. You can say, but it’s also as well. So the Melotti Media is more the agency. So we do, it’s still me that we do more of the like the copywriting message strategy, message articulation, that kind of thing. With the team of 10 that I’ve got. The Christopher Melotti website is more like one-on-one consulting. So I do a lot of business coaching, marketing, coaching, marketing audits, bespoke teaching classes. So it’s all of that side. So I had to separate them because the Melotti Media stuff was kind of hiding my consulting behind it. And people weren’t even sure that I could book me and so now it’s separate so that there’s both and it’s really exciting. I’m really excited to work one-on-one with people.

BY: Thanks so much for joining me today. It’s been an absolute pleasure.

CM: Thank you. Thank you for the interview was really fun.

BY: You’re welcome.

CM: Thanks.



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