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Episode 14 with Bree Prince

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Episode 14 with Bree Prince

Today I’m thrilled to have Bree Prince, a prominent real estate agent and an auctioneer based in Canberra. Working with Hive Property, she has built an impressive reputation through her dedication and successful sales career. Bree’s journey in real estate has been nothing short of remarkable. Her career spans a variety of roles across several agencies, each of which has contributed to her deep passion for the field and established a solid foundation for success. Known for her meticulous attention to detail, unwavering work ethic and exceptional negotiation skills. Her ability to build trust with clients and deliver outstanding results has set her apart in a competitive industry. Today, we’ll explore Bree’s experiences her approach to real estate and the secrets behind her success. Join me as I explore her career milestones, personal insights and invaluable advice for navigating the ever evolving landscape of real estate. Get ready to be inspired and informed as I embark on this engaging conversation with Bree.

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