The Brady Marcs Podcast

Podcast Release Terms and Conditions

Through this Agreement, you consent to participate in the Performance and grant the Producer and the Licensee permission to capture and record your involvement (the “Recordings”) in association with the Event.

You affirm that you have the authority to enter this Agreement and that you:

  1. Accept that the Producer and the Licensee may create, utilise, modify, and reproduce, as well as authorise the creation, use, editing, and reproduction of the Recordings;

  2. Accept that the Producer and the Licensee have the right to disseminate, broadcast, and/or publicly share the Recordings, or parts thereof, and to grant third parties the license to exercise these rights, in any medium including but not limited to radio, online, and social media, without any restrictions or limitations globally and in perpetuity (including for promotional purposes);

  3. Accept that the Producer has the right to utilise your name, likeness, biography, and other information about you in relation to the Recordings and the Performance, and may grant third parties the license to exercise this right;

  4. Accept that the Producer retains all rights, titles, and interests (including copyright) in the Recordings and the Performance, and that you explicitly assign to the Producer any rights you may possess in the Recordings and the Performance;

  5. Consent to the Producer and the Licensee engaging in all activities outlined in this Agreement, even if those activities would otherwise infringe upon your moral rights;
  6. Agree to fully release now and forever the Producer, the Licensee, and their subsidiaries, officers, employees, agents, and contractors from and against all actions, suits, claims, and demands that you may have against any or all of them arising directly or indirectly as a result of any infringement or violation of any personal and/or property rights of any kind (including without limitation defamation) from the use of the Recordings or the Event;

  7. Unconditionally waive all of your rights at any time to seek or obtain injunctive relief to prevent or restrict the use of the Recordings and/or the Performance by the Producer, the Licensee, or their agents;

  8. Acknowledge that you are not entitled to any compensation for the Performance or for any future use of the Recordings;

  9. Agree to maintain the confidentiality of this Agreement’s terms (and any information resulting from or associated with it) and not to disclose its contents to any third party without the permission of the Producer and the Licensee, except when required by law or for the purpose of confidential consultation with your legal or financial advisors; and

  10. Agree to take any additional steps reasonably requested by the Producer and the Licensee to implement this Agreement.

“Producer” refers to Brady Yoshia.

“You” refers to the Podcast Guest.

“Licensee” refers to BRADYMICHAELS BUYERS AGENCY PTY LTD (ABN: 22 625 306 041).

“Performance” refers to an interview for the purpose of distribution as a podcast entitled: ‘The Brady Marcs Podcast’ or variations.