Is the Sydney Property Market in for a Crash?

Here’s What We’re Actually Seeing In Sydney Real Estate

With all the news about the threats of recession, rising interest rates and fluctuating property prices, people have understandably started to assume the worst for the Sydney real estate market.

Unfortunately, this hinders a lot of property buyers from taking action, causing them to then miss out on a lot of opportunities because they have been conditioned to assume that the Sydney property market will soon plummet downward.

But – is this real estate speculation for Sydney actually true?

The best people to ask are those working in the market every single day: us.

At Brady Marcs, we refuse to let hearsay and misconceptions prevent you from making well-informed decisions and achieving your property goals.

So, our team of Buyers Advisors have come together to share our real Sydney property insights, experiences and expertise to show you what’s really happening in the market, as well as what property buying opportunities you can take advantage of.

Clarifying the confusion around the Sydney real estate market

We asked one of our key Buyers Advisors (LREA), Dalia Chedid, to share some of her firsthand observations regarding the current state of Sydney’s property market. 

Here are some of the important points she noted:

First, demand for Sydney properties is extremely high at present.

“This is due to three factors,” says Dalia.

  • As overseas migration continues to thrive after the pandemic, it’s expected that the number of potential property buyers is increasing again. 
  • On top of this, the recent stamp duty reforms passed by the NSW Government are driving more demand from first-time home buyers. 
  • Real estate investors, who are worried about the rising interest rates, have also started jumping into the property market so that they can get the best deals before their borrowing capacity shrinks further in the future. 

Unfortunately, the stock levels of properties in Australia overall remain low compared to growing demand. This, then, pushes the prices of properties up.

“With the demand being extremely high today, I’m worried about all the potential buyers just waiting because they are afraid the market is supposedly going to crash. They are missing out on getting the right property at the right price,” says Dalia.

Overall, the market is quite favourable – especially for Sydney investors.

Right now, we’ve got a lot of international students and Expats coming back to Australia. They are looking for homes that are close to the city, work, trains and universities.

Because of this, the rental vacancy rates of apartments in Sydney and other prime blue-chip locations are at an all-time low – driving rental prices way up.

People today generally consider property as a more stable investment than shares or cryptocurrencies. This is because real estate typically offers excellent returns in the long run that can generally withstand more uncertainties in the market.

Unfortunately, despite all of this, buyers aren’t hearing enough about this right now, causing them to hesitate.

“Timing is everything. For most buyers, by the time the media reports that the market is back, it’s already too late. Whereas if you have a buyer’s advisor by your side, you have direct access to what’s happening in real-time and can seize these incredible opportunities in Sydney before anyone else,” adds Dalia. 

Remember: Sydney is not one uniform market

If you’re looking to buy property, it’s likely that you’ve been bombarded with all of the different theories and ideas from friends, family and everyone else around you. 

However, one thing that happens all too often is people refer to “Sydney Real Estate” as one market. But it isn’t. It’s made up of many micro-markets. 

“One suburb may report poor results and the media focus on this, making everyone think that the whole market is crashing. Yet another Sydney region may actually be booming,” says Dalia. “I see this a lot and because buyers aren’t aware, they miss out.”

For more information, read: Everything Australian Property Buyers Need to Know About Real Estate Micro-Markets in 2023.

Stick to your property-buying strategy

Have you heard that saying: “don’t wait to buy property. Buy property and wait”? 

It’s an old adage but it does hold true. Basically, it means there’s never a ‘right’ time to invest. The best way to navigate complex real estate markets is to stick to your goals and your strategy, rather than constantly be swayed by ever-changing chatter. 

This is especially true given today’s Sydney property market.

Have a look at our Checklist: How To Prepare To Buy Property in 2023 to get really clear on your goals as this is always a great place to start.

Being supported by a Buyers Agent makes a huge difference

In a market full of noise, a Buyers Agent offers you clarity because we talk directly with all kinds of buyers, sellers and agents alike. This gives us (and therefore, you) a more accurate view of the market as we’re working in it every day.

“No matter what the market conditions are, property-buying experts like us can help you find the right opportunities for your success. We provide you with complete transparency and assurance, so you no longer need to be hindered by fears of the market crashing,” Dalia states. “Because we work for you, on your behalf.”

Investing in property often comes with lots of requirements and complexities, especially in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing environment. 

As your trusted Sydney Buyers Agents at Brady Marcs, we spell it all out for you to ensure you’re buying only the right property at the right time and price.

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