Introducing video calls with our team


April 23, 2020

Wherever you are on your property journey, we’re here to help!

Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory is proud to announce the launch of complimentary Zoom video consultations with our team of professional Buyers Advisors. These no-obligation calls support members of the community with practical advice and answers to questions they might have about how to proceed from here with buying property.

This innovative service is part of our response to the current restrictions and uncertainty across the community, and we hope it will be an on-going service that can help boost confidence and opportunities for our clients.

Consultations are 20 minutes and can be on either Zoom or as a regular phone call. Bookings are made through the Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory website using the ‘Schedule a time with us’ or by clicking here. Areas of discussion can include buying or selling, finding the right property, managing inspections, due diligence with the current restrictions, bidding at online auctions, first home buyers, investment opportunities, or any other relevant questions.

Clients can choose a time that suits them best — whether morning, evening, or during the day. For available times follow the link. An email confirmation will be sent with Zoom link information.


The benefits of engaging a Buyers Agent to act on your behalf is as timely as ever in the current environment. The Brady Marcs team continues to offer professional, confidential, and deeply personalised buying services.

To share the booking system with contacts, please refer them to, or use the direct links below to book with a specific member of our team:


We trust this service will be of great value to the community and to our clients.

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