Energy Efficiency Ratings (EERs): Why Smart Buyers are Choosing Energy-Efficient Homes

When you’re looking to buy an Australian home as a Sydney homeowner or Canberra property investor, you typically look at location, price, aspect and quality to determine its value.

However, a property’s energy efficiency rating is fast making its way up that list.

Have you noticed home energy efficiency ratings when buying property?

Whether your property search for Canberra or Sydney homes has involved scouring the web or attending open inspections, you may have seen an increasing emphasis (or at least mention of) the energy efficiency rating of properties.

You’re not alone.

This is especially the case in Canberra and the surrounding ACT region where the local government actually requires formal Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER), which is an officially measurable scale that rates homes from 1 (little to no energy efficiency) to 6 (outstanding energy efficiency). 

This is likely to be implemented in NSW very soon too, especially as the state has already begun placing minimum insulation requirements on investment properties

This new home energy efficiency trend is sweeping Australia, and it raises a few key questions:

  1. What does property energy efficiency actually entail? 
  2. Why is there a sudden interest in EERs?
  3. How does this influence the already complicated property-buying process?

As Sydney Buyers Agents and Canberra Buyers Agents, we’re ahead of this trend and we wanted to share our knowledge with you.

So, in this article, we will unpack each of these issues and demonstrate how a knowledge of EERs and home energy efficiency can be an extremely beneficial tool when it comes to buying or investing in property in Sydney, NSW or the ACT.

Understanding home energy efficiency and the rise of EERs.

A property becomes more energy efficient when less energy is used to produce the same level of power that was previously demanded by the residents. There are a variety of factors that are considered when determining the energy efficiency of a property.


This provides substantial resistance to harsh Australian outdoor weather patterns and therefore minimises the need for heating and cooling within the home. In fact, insulation has been shown to save an average of 45% on heating and cooling costs.

House Orientation

In NSW and the ACT, the path of the sun is to the north. This means that a north-facing home will receive sun for the longest part of the day during the cooler winter months, and will be shaded from the heat of the sun in the warmer summer months, minimising heating and cooling costs almost three-fold on average when compared to southern facing properties.

Skylights and Roof Windows

With less to do with temperature and more to do with minimising artificial light requirements, the careful installation of skylights and roof windows is particularly useful in two-storey homes that are looking to benefit from Australia’s relatively consistent sunshine.

As state and local governments look toward their Net Zero Emissions targets, incentivising the improvement of home energy efficiency ratings is becoming a priority.

Hence the movement toward Energy Efficiency Ratings (EER) and the prioritisation of “green homes” first in the ACT and soon to be in NSW. 

Smart home buyers should pay close attention to this when making their decisions.

Benefits of energy efficiency for smart home buyers and property investors

As trusted Canberra Property Buyers and Sydney Buyers Agents who purchase homes and investment properties every week, we recommend being aware of home energy efficiency ratings when you are looking to buy, build or invest in Australian property.

While an energy-efficient home may translate to a greater purchase price upfront, strict compliance with EER recommendations will save significant costs over the long term, as it is likely to:

  1. help reduce ongoing power bills
  2. avoid needing to be made compliant in the near future

Also, as governments in the ACT and NSW continue to clamp down on property energy efficiency, this will only improve the value of your new home or investment too, especially when selling in the future.

As experienced Buyers Agents, we’ve also found that energy-efficient homes are often cheaper to finance with some banks such as Bank Australia, which has adopted a clean energy home loan scheme – an innovative move we anticipate will become increasingly popular with all banks.

So, whether you are looking to build, buy or invest in property, it’s important to stay ahead of the crowd when it comes to energy efficiency and capitalise on EER opportunities before they become mainstream knowledge.

This is where Brady Marcs Buyers Agents can help you get ahead

With a strong understanding of the complicated NSW and ACT property buying process, decades of home buying experience and wide-ranging industry connections, we can operate as your trusted advisor, guiding you toward long-term savings and investment growth by finding and helping you to negotiate the best possible deal for energy-efficient properties. 

We can also help you find a home that supports sustainability thanks to your new Sydney or Canberra home’s superior energy efficiency rating

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