Property Buying 101: Who should you turn to for expert property advice?

Purchasing property in Australia is expensive. However, the right choices can turn property into a smart investment – so getting the best value for your investment is crucial.

You don’t want to spend millions of dollars and years of paying back mortgage debt in vain, regretting the property decision you made. 

There are also market challenges on the horizon

With the news of interest rates rising, fears around a recession and lots of uncertainties surrounding the real estate market, it can be confusing and overwhelming trying to figure out how to navigate the property market.


  • Who do you turn to for expert property advice? 
  • Who can you really trust to help you make the right decision?
  • Who will advocate for your best interests to get the best property outcomes?

Let’s find out.

People have their own opinions and interpretations of the property market

Australians have a real affinity for property and the majority of us understand that investing in real estate can be a clever way to diversify your portfolio and build wealth. 

So it’s understandable why the real estate market is always a hot topic and everyone has something to say when it comes to finding and purchasing the right property.

First, there’s the media. 

While newspapers and TV reports are a source of information, they can highlight certain trends that can be distracting.

For instance, to attract more eyeballs, they often highlight the worst-case scenario that could possibly happen, so don’t be surprised when you hear them reporting that “the Sydney real estate market is plummeting”, or that “Canberra property values are dropping at rates never seen before!!!” 

It’s hardly ever the full picture.

And then, there are property sellers or real estate agents. 

No matter how much they try to assist you, it’s important to remember that fundamentally, a Selling Agent’s interests align with the seller – they are being paid to sell the property for the best possible price.

That isn’t to say that they are out to get you! However, Selling Agents are often relying on third-party information, so it is important to always do your own research and consider your unique property needs before taking their insights on board. 

Your neighbours and families are also telling another story. 

While they may genuinely be concerned for your interests, they are probably giving you real estate advice based on their buying experience from 10, 20 or 30 years ago which might no longer be relevant in today’s circumstances.

So, who is truly here to help you with robust information that you can depend on?

This is where a Buyers Agent comes to the rescue, ready to provide the clarity you deserve

A Buyers Agent is a licenced real estate professional who assists and supports home buyers and property investors like you.

From the property search and evaluation processes all the way to negotiation and finalising the sale, a Buyers Agent works on your behalf to make your property purchase a stress-free, seamless and rewarding experience.

Remember, a Buyers Agent’s success is tied to yours.

So, by providing expert advice tailored to your goals and needs as a property buyer, a Buyers Agent aims to help you succeed in one of your biggest financial decisions: buying a property.

Why choose a Buyers Agent for reliable property advice

1. Other people might provide hearsay and guess estimates.

But a Buyers Agent only gives you facts.

It’s normal to seek the advice of family and friends when making major life decisions. After all, they care for you and are trying to give their opinion. However, if such a decision involves a huge cost, say $500,000, $1 Million or more – you might want to consult a real property expert to ensure you receive qualified insights and guidance.

A Buyers Agent is someone who can be objective and critical in finding the best deals for you. Rather than relying on gut feelings, rumours and opinions, they use their local market knowledge and exclusive access to off-market, pre-market & on-market opportunities to find the most suitable property for your needs.

At Brady Marcs, we take a unique and thorough approach to buying real estate with our 6-step Pathway to Property Purchasing.

2. Self-research, as well as due diligence on real estate platforms, is not enough.

A Buyers Agent, who is ahead of the currently available data can offer much better guidance.

Checking real estate websites like CoreLogic or to gain information is a great first step – but they’re just one small piece of a much larger puzzle. Sometimes, the information provided can be up to 90 days  behind the current market and therefore doesn’t always offer a comprehensive picture.

A Buyers Agent, who is always on the ground, can equip you with more accurate data, insider knowledge and relevant real estate advice to prevent you from making costly mistakes.

At Brady Marcs, we ensure that our clients have real-time data about market conditions, trends, prices and all things current events in Australian real estate so that you can also get ahead when buying property.

3. Others give property advice based on their one-time, anecdotal experience.

But a Buyers Agent uses their years of expertise and statistical understanding to support your decision-making process.

What makes a Buyers Agent different is that they buy real estate every single day. They have been representing buyers’ interests for years, so you can be confident that they understand what is and isn’t working for different types of clients. 

They also have in-depth knowledge of the industry and the end-to-end transaction process, allowing them to help you make smart and more strategic decisions when buying property.  

Using their strong real estate connections, they also give you valuable insights regarding off-market or pre-market properties, and can apply expert auction bidding strategies to give you an extra advantage. With the right advice, a Buyers Agent enables you to purchase the property you’re looking for at the best possible price.

At Brady Marcs, we have identified 7 Benefits of using us as a Buyers Agent. 

The property advice of a Buyers Agent is key to achieving better property outcomes

To help you get the most value from the Australian real estate market, you need to have a Buyers Agent by your side who will provide data-driven and up-to-date  property advice.

A Buyers Agent can guide your property choices, ensuring that you’ll make a purchase you won’t regret.

Just make sure you choose the right team of Buyers Agents that have your best interests at heart and who are set to deliver the right advice with transparency, integrity and the highest standards of service.

Brady Marcs is your trusted NSW Buyers Agency and ACT Buyers Agency 

In today’s extremely competitive Sydney real estate market and Canberra property market, buyers need a dependable and empathetic Buyers Agent to help them get in, secure the best deal, negotiate on their behalf and represent their interests. 

Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory is an experienced and dedicated Australian Buyers Agency with a genuinely passionate team that guides you through the entire property buying process. From first-home buyers to seasoned property investors, our integrity and expertise are for everyone, every goal and every property. 

We even provide vendor advocacy services if you’re looking to sell your home before buying a new one. Contact us today to see how we can help you take a better property journey approach.   

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