Biz of Property Ep. 5 | Luxury

This week on Biz of Property, Mike and Brady are joined by special guest Deborah Cullen from Cullen Royle Property Advisory. For many of us, luxury real estate has long felt unobtainable, but beyond the suburbs, there is a very specific but growing sector of signature and experience properties – and it is more accessible than you probably think. Everything from character homes to rural homesteads, through to entire islands and signature architectural icons. Today, we delve into the luxury market to discuss what defines an ‘experience’ property, explore stories of the amazing properties people are buying, and how best to approach thinking about a lifestyle change or hybrid solution for your family.

Biz of Property Ep. 4 | Bounce Back

With COVID restrictions lifting and international borders reopening once again, the property market is bouncing back to life. We have seen a very resilient property market during COVID, but there are also many mixed signals. To make sense of it all and help plan the next steps in your property journey, today we discuss current market trends and emerging opportunities.

Biz of Property Ep. 3 | Lifestyle

One of the biggest shifts in the property market we have seen in the past two years is buyers choosing to prioritise lifestyle over proximity to work. This can mean moving further out of the city to areas such as the beach, or a complete shift to regional or rural areas. In this episode of ‘Biz of Property,’ Brady Yoshia and special guest Heidi Brown join Ticker co-host Mike Loder to discuss the factors that need to be considered when looking further afield.

Biz of Property Ep. 2 | Expats

In this episode of ‘Biz of Property,’ Brady Yoshia and special guest Lucy Bulla join Ticker co-host Holly Stearnes to look at the unique challenges and key strategies for expat buyers. With Australia’s international borders set to finally reopen, it is good news for Australians wanting to return to home, or securing an investment before they leave.

Biz of Property Ep. 1 | Auctions

In the premiere episode of ‘Biz of Property,’ our very own Brady Yoshia joins Ticker co-host Mike Loder to look at what buyers need to know about how auctions work, the key differences for online auctions compared to in-person auctions, as well as tips and tricks on how to approach an auction to ensure the best outcome on the day.

Brady Yoshia on Ticker News

Brady Marcs founder, Brady Yoshia, was interviewed on Ticker News by host, Adrian Franklin. Brady discussed the challenges and opportunities that exist in navigating the current environment of the property market, as well as specific advice for expats looking to return home.