3 Benefits of Buying Property During the Australian Winter

As we head into winter, you might have heard it’s not the best time to buy property in NSW or the ACT.

We hear our friends, family and the media say It over and over: “Buy property in the Spring!”

With its gloomy, cool and often wet weather, the general suggestion is that Winter Is a poor time to showcase the beauty of a home or investment. As such, many prospective buyers hold off looking until the spring or summer months.

However, Australia’s Winter offers a unique opportunity for real estate buyers

Here at Brady Marcs, we buy property every week throughout the entire year and find that winter, although not the most popular, is a very opportune time to buy real estate, especially with the expert guidance of a Buyers Agent.

Why is this the case?

Winter Is often a great time to search for properties in Sydney, Regional NSW and the ACT because there is limited competition, and it enables buyers to see and experience if the home is suitable for all seasons.

In fact, Winter can actually reveal a lot of the pitfalls of a property that would otherwise be potentially hidden by the warmer months!

So, let’s dive a little deeper into the 3 key reasons winter might just be the best time to buy Australian property.

1. It’s a good time to experience a property’s true resilience

The Australian Winter is a telling time for any property. As the temperature drops and moisture fills the air, a home’s ability to withstand the elements can easily be assessed.

Whilst it is great to see a house in full bloom during summer or spring, this can often mask some of its less flattering aspects.

As experienced Buyers Agents who buy property year-round, we use the Winter period to uncover some important pitfalls of buying real estate in Sydney, regional NSW and the ACT.

These Include:

A) Poor Insulation

Insulation is the primary mechanism that stops heat from escaping from the home during cooler months – if inadequate, you’ll be left miserable and with a big bill to fix the problem.

As Brady Marcs Buyers Agents, it’s our job to make sure you aren’t left in the cold, using our expertise to uncover this sort of information.

B) Poor Heating System

One thing that is so often overlooked by potential buyers whether they be in Sydney, Canberra or regional NSW, especially when buying in Summer is whether the home has an effective heating system.

With this being just one of the endless list of things to consider, we at Brady Marcs will make sure this is given the appropriate attention so that you don’t have to worry.

C) Mould and water damage

One guarantee in the Winter months is a damp and mouldy environment. The last thing any Australian investor or property buyer wants is for this to become a problem and cause damage to their new purchase.

Overall, Winter is a great time to experience the property first-hand and minimise risk by understanding its characteristics.

2. There is less competition among buyers

Generally speaking, most buyers aren’t aware of the many benefits of buying property during the Australian Winter. Often this is due to a lack of guidance from their own Buyers Agent, or no Buyers Agent guidance at all.

As a result, the middle of the year becomes a far less competitive time to purchase property in NSW and the ACT. In fact, January 2022 saw 6,145 new home sales in Australia compared to just 4,909 in July, the middle of winter.

This means that with fewer home buyers or investors competing in the market, your chance of securing a favourable deal is much higher, especially when guided by an expert Buyers Agent like Brady Marcs.

Still not convinced?

3. Winter is a great time for research.

We have already mentioned how much can be learnt about a property during the cooler months. So, even if you are adamant about buying during NSW and ACT’s summer or spring, winter remains a fantastic time to do initial research and prepare yourself.

As Buyers Agents in Sydney, Canberra, regional NSW and the ACT, we can guide this process. By leveraging our experience and surveying the property for all of Winter’s pitfalls, we take the stress out of the complicated property buying process and make sure that, when it comes time to buy, you have the right property at the right price at any time of year.

Brady Marcs is your trusted Buyers Agency in NSW & The ACT

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