An Expat’s first-hand guide to buying property in Sydney or Canberra: 3 pitfalls and tips

Buying property as an Australian Expatriate or interstate buyer can be a risky gamble. 

At its worst:

  • you don’t get to see the property or its surroundings
  • you don’t understand the current market
  • you rely on biased information
  • you are unable to make quick decisions on the fly
  • and unfortunately, it isn’t beyond some Selling Agents to take advantage.

Whilst all of this sounds worrying, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Just ask our very own Brady Marcs Buyers Advisor, Lucy Bulla. Once an Expat herself, she made all the mistakes there are to make whilst overseas and looking to buy property in Sydney. 

Now today, as a valued member of our Canberra and Sydney Buyers Agent team, Lucy helps Expats looking to buy property in Sydney, NSW, Canberra and the ACT overcome all of the typical Expat pitfalls and instead, secure the best real estate deal possible.

With her guidance, let’s consider how you as an Expat or interstate buyer can overcome these common pitfalls as well.

Lucy’s Expat Property Buying Tip 1:
Don’t judge a book by its cover

Thanks to Facetime, Skype, WhatsApp and virtually every other social media platform, buying property as an Expat has been made significantly easier over the last decade.

Unfortunately, sometimes that’s not enough.

“For many Expats looking to return to Sydney or Canberra, having a family member or a selling agent check in on the property and share photos and videos with you is enough, right? I thought the same thing but unfortunately, not.” – Lucy Bulla

Visuals aren’t everything when it comes to buying property as there are countless intricacies to consider, including:

But, what if you do have family nearby who can also keep an eye out for these intricacies?

Well, that brings us to the next pitfall.

Lucy’s Expat Property Buying Tip 2:
Don’t only rely on your family alone

Yes, it’s harsh but true.

Firstly, many of the intricacies to consider when buying property in Sydney or Canberra are highly specialised and unknown to the general public.

Secondly, your family have their own lives, concerns and agendas and may not be as invested in the purchasing decision as you are. This results in a major disconnect between your standards of quality and theirs, just as Lucy experienced first-hand.

“I was assured by my family that this particular place was exactly what I was looking for. But as soon as I arrived, I realised it wasn’t. It was a disaster.”

To avoid resentment or an awkward conversation, it’s best to rely on more than just your family’s or friends’ opinions. 

Lucy’s Expat Property Buying Tip 3:
Instead, consider an experienced and trusted Buyers Agent

When looking to buy property in NSW or the ACT, an Expat relies on the information they are being given. So, the better the information from a highly experienced person, the better the end decision – especially when it comes to something as important as property.

Hiring a trusted Buyers Agent like the team at Brady Marcs takes the emotion out of buying and instead places your trust in someone with specialised property knowledge and “boots-on-the-ground” experience.

A Brady Marcs Buyers Agent is also able to act quickly in the market. We buy property every day, so we understand the market’s trends and have unrivalled experience coordinating with brokers, solicitors, and real estate agents to get our clients the best deal possible.

Take it from an Expat Property buyer herself

Having been burnt in the past, it’s this Buyers Agent market advantage that inspired Lucy to become a Buyers Agent herself.

So, if you’re an Expat or even an interstate resident looking to buy property in Sydney or Canberra, take it from Lucy: 

“For an Expat, a Buyers Agent is the safe path forward. I wish I had known this when I was overseas, and trying to buy in Australia. That’s why now, I share my first-hand experience with other Expats. Don’t risk such an important purchase as a property without having the right Buyers Advocate there for you.”

Brady Marcs is your trusted NSW Buyers Agency and ACT Buyers Agency

In today’s extremely competitive Sydney real estate market and Canberra property market, buyers need a dependable and empathetic Buyers Agent to help them get in, secure the best deal, negotiate on their behalf and represent their interests.

Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory is an experienced and dedicated Australian Buyers Agency with a genuinely passionate team who guides you through the entire buying process to find your ideal property. From first-home buyers to seasoned property investors, our integrity and expertise are for everyone, every goal and every property.

We even provide vendor advocacy services if you’re looking to sell your home before buying a new one.

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