7 Things to Consider When Looking for a Buyers Agent

Buyers Agents have been around for many years now, however, they’ve recently seen a surge in popularity amongst potential buyers and real estate investors looking to secure their next property.


Well, it’s simple really.

A Buyers Agent is an experienced property specialist who is entirely on your side, offering you a long list of advantages.

Think about it. A seller typically enlists the help of a Real Estate Sales Agent to sell their property. So, it makes sense that you – as the buyer – should have someone to help you as well.

After all, buying a property is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life! Having an experienced guardian will make the process more comfortable and you, more confident. But not every Buyers Agent offers the same service.

So, how do you find the right Buyers Agent for your needs?

The one who is going to get you the results you’re after? That’s exactly what we’ll explain in this article.

But first, what is a Buyers Agent?

A Buyers Agent is a Real Estate Agent that represents you when you’re looking to make a property purchase.

As a buyer, your Buyers Agent works closely with you to help find the ideal property based on your unique goals. They will then act on your behalf to negotiate with the selling party and finalise the transaction process to ensure you get the best deal.

Of course, when it comes to finding the right Buyers Agent to represent you, there are several factors to consider before making your decision.

1. Does this Buyers Agent have the right industry experience?

Not all Buyers Agents are created equal.

You want someone who has an in-depth understanding of the industry, including the end-to-end transaction process and what goes on behind the scenes. If they’ve had experience as both a Buyers and a Sales Agent, and have worked across different markets and market cycles, that’s a huge advantage as well.

2. Is this Buyers Agent well-connected?

A Buyers Agent with great connections is typically well-respected within the industry, which will then automatically earn you the respect that you deserve from other agents and vendors simply because you are working with them.

In other words, you’ll find that a Buyers Agent with an established network will mean the selling agents will know you mean business and you’ll get access to other off-market properties.

3. How is this Buyers Agent’s track record?

Make sure that you read testimonials, ask about previous transactions and speak with existing clients (if you can) to help get a better understanding of the kind of Buyers Agent that they really are, and how successful they have been in the past.

4. Is this Buyers Agent part of a team or a one-person band?

With so many properties available at one time, both on and off-market, you simply cannot rely on one person to have their finger on the pulse at all times. That’s why you need a Buyers Agency with an entire team and the resources necessary to help you find the property that best meets your goals.

5. Do I trust this Buyers Agent?

Trust is an important part of any relationship, and while it may sound like a given, it’s not.

You need a Buyers Agent you can trust wholeheartedly – someone you know is 100% on your side. You must feel that they listen to your needs, communicate clearly and regularly, and truly act in your best interests.

If you don’t feel that sense of trust, keep searching.

6. Does this Buyers Agent work with all kinds of buyers?

A Buyers Agency that works with several different types of buyers will typically have a much more well-rounded grasp of the property market, as opposed to an agent who only deals within certain areas or price levels.

For instance, a NSW Buyers Agency that works all across Sydney but also is an ACT Buyers Agency that covers Canberra offers a wide breadth of experience – as opposed to a Buyer’s Agent who only looks after Manly.

This is also advantageous in building a long-term relationship with your Buyers Agent if you have several future property goals as well.

7. Does this Buyers Agent go beyond the transaction?

You need a Buyers Agent who is going to help you fulfil your unique property goals. For instance, the right team will not only tell you what you should buy, but also what you shouldn’t buy as well, because you’re not just another transaction to them. They’ve truly got your back throughout the entire process – and afterwards as well.

Brady Marcs is your trusted NSW Buyers Agency and ACT Buyers Agency

Here at Brady Marcs, we pride ourselves on providing high-quality and full-service Australian Buyers Agency solutions to all kinds of buyers to help them achieve their property goals – whatever and wherever they may be.

Our team works hard to build trustworthy relationships with all of our clients that reach far beyond the transaction, and we continue to stay in touch well after the purchase is complete, because we truly believe in being your Buyers Agents for life.

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In today’s extremely competitive Sydney real estate market and Canberra property market, buyers need a dependable and empathetic Buyers Agent to help them get in, secure the best deal, negotiate on their behalf and represent their interests.

Brady Marcs Buyers Advisory is an experienced and dedicated Australian Buyers Agency with a genuinely passionate team who guides you through the entire buying process to find your ideal property. From first-home buyers to seasoned property investors, our integrity and expertise are for everyone, every goal and every property.

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