6 Questions Property Buyers Must Ask Every Real Estate Agent

Whether you’re a seasoned property investor or you’re a first-time home buyer, then you are probably familiar with just how overwhelming the property-buying process can be.

You’re looking at home after home and meeting with agent after agent, and suddenly, you’ve got copious amounts of information and you’re left wondering what to do with it all.

But that’s not all.

What’s most frustrating about this whole ordeal is that while you spend your time requesting contracts, sorting out your finances and getting everything else in order, there remains a consistent angst that you still don’t know everything that you should.

  • Have you got all the right information to make a smart decision?
  • Have you asked the real estate agent the right questions?
  • Are there things that they know that you should too?

The important thing to know is you are not alone.

Whether you’re looking to buy property in Sydney, Regional NSW, ACT or Canberra, this information gap when it comes to buying property can occur anywhere, anytime – and to anyone.

In fact, even if you are a seasoned player in the real estate market and have picked up plenty of valuable real estate investing tips and tricks along the way, you’ll also know that the property buying process is forever changing, making it an ever-present risk to fall into the exact same trap.

As Brady Marcs Buyers Agents, we buy property every single week on behalf of clients – so we know the right questions to ask each real estate agent to give us a competitive edge.

Imagine knowing exactly what you need to make the best property decisions

Well, we’re going to share with you our top six questions that we ALWAYS ask the selling agent so that you know exactly what you need to make smart property investment decisions going forward.

1.   What are the price expectations?

Always start with this.

Simple right? Well, not necessarily. You see, most property buyers refer only to the ‘price guide’ when deciding whether or not they can purchase a property, which, though a great start, often doesn’t tell the full (and more important) story.

Instead, we as experienced Buyers Agents like to think of the price guide as only one of many variables to consider when getting the full picture. A handy tip we use is to look on the kitchen counter or dining table during property showings and open homes for a display folder with recent properties that have sold in the area. This is done intentionally by the Real Estate Agent.

Generally speaking, these are much more likely to indicate the true price the seller is after.

For example, if the property price guide is around $1.5M, however, you notice that the recent property references are around the $1.75M mark, that typically gives you a greater indication as to where the seller is at.

2.   Does the property need to go to auction?

Most buyers simply accept that when they see “AUCTION” posted on the website or at an open home, that there isn’t any other alternative – however, this isn’t always the case.

Hence why we ask this question.

You might be wondering, what do you mean by “needs” to go to auction? And that’s a fair question. When it comes to buying real estate in NSW and Canberra, certain properties may actually be required by law to go to auction, for example, due to a court order in the case of a deceased estate.

Asking the sales agent will ensure that if the property is in fact forced to go to an auction, you have the time to get the necessary contracts and finances in order. If an auction is not mandatory but is still going ahead, then the next question is vitally important in gaining a competitive edge…

3.   Will offers be taken before the auction?

Ok, so you now know an auction is scheduled and you have a solid idea of the seller’s price expectations, but did you know that you may be able to negotiate an offer in advance before the big action day? Many buyers don’t, or even when they do, they choose not to, feeling as though the subject is too taboo to approach.

But as we said above, it pays to ask the question, as the Real Estate Agent may actually allow you to put in an offer before the auction, giving you a potential opportunity before anyone else.

This is where a Buyers Agent really shines. We know exactly how to approach these uncomfortable questions and ensure you are given every advantage possible during the buying process.

4.   Have the current owners done renovations and if so, what were they exactly?

This one is really important! As you know, any property that you purchase is an asset. While renovations are often a great way to improve an asset’s value, they can become highly risky if the proper procedures haven’t been followed.

For instance, if there were significant upgrades like a new bathroom or deck, were the right Trades Professionals brought in? Was a Council Development Application (DA) submitted and approved?

Always make sure you ask lots of questions about renovations, as what can seem like a lovely addition may turn into a nightmare after you’ve settled. Imagine the excitement of purchasing a property only to find that the recently built shed illegally sits atop a sewer-rising main!

 Unfortunately, we’ve seen things like this happen all too often, so it’s worth asking.

5.   Has the building & pest inspection been done?

If it hasn’t, this may be a red flag as to how well the property has been maintained, not to mention the fact that you will need to organise a qualified professional to do so. If an inspection has been done, then it’s always handy to know specific dates by requesting the most recent copy. Also, check that the report has been prepared by a reputable service provider.

It should come as no surprise that forgetting this step can prove to be a real pest down the line…

6.   How long have they lived in the home?

The length of time that the previous owners have held the property can be a great indicator of value, often pointing to the fact that it has been a happy home over this time. With large amounts of investment properties in Sydney, Canberra and Regional NSW, lengthy ownership can also be a sign of a profitable long-term investment.

That isn’t to say that short stints of ownership are always bad news as many people sell quickly for very legitimate reasons, but it never hurts to ask and gain even more context about the property you wish to purchase.

Do you need help asking the Real Estate Agent the right questions to give you an edge when buying property?

Here at Brady Marcs, we appreciate just how hard it can be to get all the right information when buying a property. We are also aware of how uncomfortable it is to ask selling agents all the tough questions and ensure you’re getting all the right answers.

As Sydney Buyers Agents and Canberra Buyer Agents, that is where we come in.

By asking these top questions (as well as our long list of many more that we ask), we represent our clients and use our decades of Australian property experience to ensure that buyers are always in the best position possible to buy the property of their dreams.

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