2020: Year in Review

The words “unprecedented” and “unexpected” have been used many times over this year, and it has certainly been a year of challenges for many in our community. As we look back and reflect on the year that has been, the Brady Marcs team are collectively very thankful and proud of what we have been able to achieve. The property market has withstood the uncertainty remarkably well, and the Brady Marcs team took the challenge to double down to find many unique and timely opportunities for clients. If anything, 2020 meant that the team needed to adapt quickly and modify procedures, and our results speak for themselves.

As many experts and industry analysts continue to report, the market has continued to grow in 2020, and is showing every indication that this growth will continue well into the new year. Buyer demand is strong, which naturally pushes the market up. More than ever, having a clear strategy and approach to the buying process including sourcing properties and negotiating on purchase price has had its benefits.

We’ve seen many opportunities that are extremely timely, and in many cases off market.

We have assisted a number of ex-pat buyers; managing the process of returning home to Sydney remotely, and making sure the process is as smooth and seamless as possible. For some clients this included coordinating not only the purchase of a property, but furnishing and styling the home to be ready to simply walk in.

We worked with buyers to expand their investment portfolios. We have also assisted clients making investments in the short-term rental arena, including properties in regional areas as families have reprioritised their spending, and looking for travel opportunities closer to home.

A number of clients have been upsizing their family homes, or “rightsizing” as we like to put it. This has included families adding living space, bedrooms and pools – or making an entire lifestyle shift to be closer to the beach or public amenity. This trend has been evident as people move away from prioritising proximity to the CBD, and re-assessing what is the most important factors in choosing their home.

We have also helped clients transition into properties more suited to their stage of life, where bedroom space is no longer the priority, and they are recognising that the right property in the right location can offer a greater quality of life.

We have seen high competition in popular price points, and helped a number of buyers find success after many months of not finding a property on their own. This is a classic example of the value of the Brady Marcs team working with our network of selling agents to both source and create opportunities.

Across the board people are thinking different. We continue to refer clients on to our network of trusted and respected professional services – people who share our values and ethos of high customer experience and superior results.

As always, our team are proud to have delivered outstanding results across the board for our clients, and we look forward to an even better 2021.

We encourage our clients and community to take the opportunity of slowing down over the holiday period to plan and dream for their property goals for the new year. Whether it is rightsizing your home, adding new features you have always dreamt about, or starting an investment portfolio for the first time – we’re here to help and make your dreams become reality.

Whilst also spending time with our families, the team remain committed to being available across the new year period. Feel free to book a time for an obligation-free video call or chat via our website.